Our 6 speaker sound/speech system is perfect for places of worship that are wanting to play some background music and make speeches and announcements. 

Featuring a variety of inputs, the included RM120B amplifier can take a connection from smartphones/tablets, USB/SD cards or an external CD/Media player. The Adastra amplifier also features bluetooth connectivity and a built-in FM tuner for connecting to the radio. 

The included wireless lapel microphone system offers an ideal, simple solution for all your public speaking needs and comes supplied with a receiver unit, belt-pack transmitter and lavalier (lapel) microphone, which is ideal for completely hands-free operation. The belt-pack transmitter is operated with 2 x AA batteries and provides a fantastic operating time of more than 10 hours when using Alkaline batteries.

The receiver has a good UHF frequency range between 863.000 and 865.000 MHz, with standard Mini-XLR (3-pin) connectors providing a reliable connection. 

What is the advantage of having a lapel microphone?

A lapel microphone clips onto a persons top/t-shirt and positioned near to the their mouth. This is perfect for places of worship when the person speaking is going to be constantly moving during prayers, speeches and talks. As the lapel microphone is constantly fixed to the persons top, the sound picked up will always be the same. However, if you were to use a handheld microphone the speaker will always be moving closer/further away from the mic. This will cause speech to be really loud then really quiet and make it uncomfortable for visitors. 


Easy Installation

Installers will be pleased to know that the amplifier includes rack ears so it can be mounted in a rack cabinet or simply sat on a shelf.

The speakers include a pre fixed wall bracket that can be installed vertically or horizontally so you can fix them pretty much anywhere.

Also at the rear of the speaker you can select the wattage tappings (30W, 20W, 10W, 5W + 8 Ohms) to balance to the system to your desired level. 

Included in package

  • 1x Adastra 120W 100V Line Mixer Amplifier
  • 1 x LD Systems LDWSECO16BPL Wireless Lavalier Microphone System
  • 6x Adastra  100V Line Wall Speakers - 5.25" diameter
  • 1x Insulated 100V Line Speaker Cable 6 amp [100m reel]